Thursday, 5 November 2020

Classic Boat Prizewinner at the Royal Society of Marine Artists Exhibition Mall Galleries 2020

October saw the Royal Society of Marine Artists Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, I was lucky enough to get two paintings into the show this year. 

The day before the show opened I received an email informing me that I had won a prize with one of my pieces "A Breeze on the Blackwater". I was delighted just to get work into the show, even more surprised to find two of my three submissions had made it into the exhibition. So a prize was very much the cherry on top!

A Breeze on the Blackwater

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

America's Cup 2003 Painting Commission

A recent commission to paint the GBR entry to the 2003 America's Cup was a very interesting journey so I felt I would share some of the stages on the way to the final piece.

My client was very clear in his requirements, I had a list of what needed to be included. Thinking forward to the final piece I needed to determine which elements of the requirements took precedence.

A series of pencil sketches refined the most likely routes for an action packed view which I could translate into a impactful painting.

From this I produced five colour sketches (I don't usually do more than three visuals) but in this case I was not sure what my client was expecting to see - and I wanted to experiment.

Initial sketches and a couple of quick watercolour visuals

Visual 1

Visual 2


Visual 4

Visual 5

The final artwork

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Steamships and sail

Commissioned work has rather taken up my time recently, given the unusual times we are living through and the diminished state of the worlds economy I am grateful for the work.

Prior to the latest commission I had completed a number of marine paintings in the hope that this years exhibition season might not be completely eliminated. More a hope than an expectation at the present time.

Two of the works are of steam merchant ships in the 1920s based of photographic records from the family archive. They are effectively a pair in that they depict a ship taking on timbers in Canada and discharging the cargo in Boston harbour. The others are sailing vessels all of the works are painted in acrylic on stretched canvas.

Genoa Bay Vancouver

Timber for Boston 1924
A Breeze on the Blackwater

Running before the storm

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Latest work

I have neglected the post for quite some time so I am not determined to post on a more regular basis. Here are a few pieces of my recent marine work, largely in acrylic but with a few in oil and one watercolour.

All the work is for sale on my website:

Racing on the Blackwater (acrylic)

Drying Sails (Acrylic)

The stern escort ((Acrylic)

San Francisco Bay (Acrylic)

St Malo Summer (Acrylic)

Boats on the Seine (Oil)

Christchurch harbour (Oil)

Guerin Brittany (Oil)

HMS President (Oil)

RMS Aquitania in floating Dock (Acrylic)

Tower Bridge 1930 (Watercolour)

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Oil studies

A recent inventory of work in the drawer of my plan chest revealed a number of pieces which have not made it online (or anywhere else) for various reasons. The two oil studies are from photographs taken at the RAF Museum are part of my oil painting education process.

RE 8 At the RAF Museum

Bleriot Monoplane at the RAF Museum

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Small boat paintings

A trio of small boat paintings in acrylics. I was exploring the effects of light on water, trying to capture the intense glare and reflection. Two of the paintings were of Woodbridge in Suffolk and the two boat painting was of St Malo in Brittany.

Pilot cutters in Jaque Cartier Basin St Malo

A weekend with Lula

Something for the weekend

Friday, 4 May 2018

Oil Painting

Having spent most of the last eight years painting in acrylics and watercolours I have decided to take a proper look at oil as a medium.

There is a lot of prejudice and bullshit written about the merits of oil versus acrylics, much of it driven by snobbery, that oil is the superior medium. There are merits and drawbacks to either medium but any competent artist should be able to get a quality result from either.

So, a few months ago I took the plunge and began experimenting with oil in between other projects. I had dabbled with oil occasionally many years ago but never for long enough to form an opinion as to whether it would suit me as a regular painting medium.

Superficially they look the same, with a toothpaste like consistency and these days some brands of oil can be thinned with water. But that is where the similarity ends. It has been like going back to school, mixing colour and getting the appropriate fluidity has been an issue as well as the basic techniques of constructing a painting.

Below is a slightly impressionist oil sketch of the Gare du Nord in Paris. I was aiming for a feeling of movement with depth and perspective.

Gare du Nord Paris